Water Damage Restoration Fort Myers FL

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Water damage never comes at an opportune time. And, if it’s not treated promptly and effectively issues of mold growth and structural damage will arise. It is crucial therefore to seek expert water damage restoration Fort Myers FL when you notice problems of water damage on your property. Professional water damage restoration will get rid of the water problem and repair any damages to reinstate the conditions of your property.

Professional water damage restoration entails use of sophisticated equipment in the process to ensure effectiveness. Without the right equipment, water damage restoration in most cases will not be done properly. Here is an overview of the water damage restoration process in Fort Myers and how pros use their expertise and equipment at their disposal to ensure fast and effective restoration.

Water damage mitigation

A professional water restoration company quickly do the required inspection of the damage and start the water damage mitigation. This process entails finding the source of excess moisture, extracting water from the property and completely drying the area. When water damage mitigation is done properly, damage to your property stops and mold doesn’t get a conducive environment to grow.

Moisture and Leak Detection - Professionals will use moisture meters, hygrometers and infrared cameras among other equipment when detecting the sources of moisture or leaks on your property. The source of water damage on your property will not always be obvious like a broken pipe or toilet backflow. Most times, it is subtle and hidden out of sight. In these cases, proper detection is required to identify the source of moisture or leak.

Proper water extraction - When sudden water intrusion happens, there is need for proper water extraction from your property. Professionals use truck mounted water pumps, industrial grade vacuums and other equipment to quickly get rid of the water and stop any further damage from happening.

Quick extraction of water is essential because the longer it sits the more damage it does. Also, when left to sit for longer than 48 hours, the water becomes a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria.

Complete structural drying - Professionals give every inch of your property full attention and care, ensuring that all parts are dried up properly. Industrial grade air movers and dehumidifiers are used to accelerate drying. Proper drying is key in the water damage restoration Fort Myers FL because it reduces chances of the mold recurring. If any parts of the property or some items are not properly dried, mold may find a favorable place to grow and the problem will persist.

If you act fast once you notice water damage Fort Myers and call in the professionals, the damage to your property and belongings will be minimal. You might be able to salvage everything and also expensive repairs will not be required.

On the other hand, waiting too long is dangerous. The damage to the structure and items is extensive and most might not be salvageable. The structural damage to your property will also be extensive leading to time consuming and extensive repairs. That is not all, waiting too long leads to mold growth and the health of your family will be put at risk.

Structural repairs and reconstruction

The second part of water damage restoration entails repairing or reconstructing damaged areas of your property. When water damage takes hold there is a lot of damage that can happen to your property. Here is how different parts of your property can be affected;

Walls and ceilings – water damage is visible as stains on your walls and ceilings if they are affected. Besides discoloration, water damage on walls and ceilings causes peeling or bubbling paint. These areas may also become swollen and appear soft after water damage Fort Myers.

Floors – another area that is highly susceptible to water damage is the floor. Water can soak into the floor causing warping and buckling of the flooring materials. If the water seeps below the floor material to reach a wooden subfloor, the entire floor will have to be removed or completely dried immediately. Water damage on floors can be identified by wet carpets and rugs and a damp smell around the house.

Outside the property – if you notice water pools or puddles around the house, it might be a sign of water damage. Maybe you have a burst underground pipe, inadequate drainage or a leaking sewerage system. All of these problems make the basement or crawl spaces and other parts of your house susceptible to water damage.

Inspect the house in and out regularly to determine if you have any problems that need to be addressed. Inspect the roof regularly for any damage or broken shingles. Also, ensure that the property is properly maintained to reduce water damage events. Clean the gutters, maintain the roof, check the water sprinklers, maintain plumbing systems and keep your appliances in tiptop conditions.

Common causes of water damage in Fort Myers

Water damage in Fort Myers is mostly caused by leaking pipes, leaking appliances, burst pipes, leaking roofs, poor plumbing, damaged sprinkler systems, and natural causes. If you notice water damage from any of these or other causes, seek the services of a professional immediately. Many water damage restoration companies in Fort Myers are available and ready to respond 24/7, 365. Water damage is an emergency situation and professional companies treat it as such. Don’t wait.

Is it time to take action and handle water damage in your Fort Myers property professionally? If so, you need to find a reliable company that has handled many projects in the area. A good company is one that offers other related services like mold remediation, fire and smoke damage restoration, cleaning, and content restoration.

Our website can connect you with vetted leading water damage restoration companies in Fort Myers FL. Our companies adhere to IICRC standards and their workers are trained and certified by the same organization. As such, you are sure to get the right company to handle any problems arising from the water damage comprehensively and successfully.