Mold Removal Fort Myers FL

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Excess moisture is the key reason most homes in Fort Myers have a mold problem. However, the humid climate in the region also plays a major role in encouraging mold growth. Mold can be elusive, growing undetected in cracks and within your walls without you noticing until it is too late. If you see signs of mold growth around your property, chances are there is even a bigger colony somewhere out of sight. Call on professional mold removal Fort Myers FL to help you get rid of the mold menace quickly.

The need for professional mold removal in Fort Myers FL

A thorough mold inspection must be done to locate all mold infestations as well as the source fueling the mold growth. The Fort Myers based professionals will use advanced equipment as well as visual examination to determine the source of excess moisture. Examples of equipment used include infrared cameras and moisture meters.

If you have a mold invasion on your property, it is important to ensure complete mold removal. Ineffective mold removal will result in continued mold growth and hence more damage. This means you will have to spend a lot more money in remediation in the future. It also means that your family will be exposed to potential health risks associated with mold exposure.

After mold removal, experts conduct clearance testing that ensure mold removal was successful. You get the assurance that mold is no longer a problem you need to worry about. When professionally handled, mold removal and remediation will go a long way in maintaining the value of your property. Most buyers in Fort Myers will ask for a mold inspection report to see whether you have a mold problem before they can commit.

Mold removal is a delicate process that should be carried out in a controlled environment. Pros use physical barriers and negative air pressure to ensure mold is not spread during removal. This containment also reduces exposure of your family to mold spores. If you do mold removal on your own, you might spread it out more on the property or expose yourself to health risks.

Professional mold removal saves you money in the long run. Yes, you will be spending money on the removal process but you save yourself from spending so much more in the future on expensive repairs and extensive mold removal. When professionals handle mold, you also save money on medical bills imminent with further exposure to mold spores.

Black mold

Black mold is the most common type of mold on many properties in Fort Myers, FL. It is also scientifically referred to as strachybotrys. This type of mold is the most toxic and known to cause allergies, respiratory illnesses and skin irritations. If you have black mold on your property, you should not attempt DIY removal because a lot of care and protection is needed when dealing with it.

Black mold is commonly referred to as toxic mold because of the effects it can have on your health. How can you tell if you have black mold on your property? First, you need to look at visible signs of black mold. if you notice dark spots forming on the walls, ceiling or floor you might have a black mold invasion. Black mold also produces that musty, earthy smell that is quite unpleasant to your nose. The smell also lingers around the property for long.

The sure way of telling whether you have black mold or any other type of mold is through mold inspection and mold testing. Professionals are already aware of the characteristics of black mold and how it manifests. They also use lab tests and air tests to determine the type of mold invading your property.

How to live mold free in Fort Myers

It is possible to go a long time without having a mold invasion in your home. Sometimes the invasion is unavoidable but by reducing conditions favoring mold growth you can stay mold free. The best way to stay mold free is by reducing the chances of a moist environment on your property. You can do this by;

  • Keep your property free of water damage by ensuring your plumbing is checked regularly, keeping your appliances well maintained, drying off any water spills quickly and properly and checking for roof damage. Essentially, keep your property well maintained.
  • Regulate the humidity in your property using a dehumidifier. Keep the humidity levels at a minimum throughout the year.
  • Keep your property very well ventilated. This will help keep surfaces like walls, carpets, floors and others dry at all times and mold free.

When most people imagine mold growth, the envision a flooded house or a house with a water damage problem that has been sitting there for long. However, this is not always the case. A simple spill that is not addressed quickly will also cause mold on your property. Ignoring spills on your carpet or that leaking faucet is a way of inviting disaster in your house. Small and simple problems such as these ones are major causes of mold in Fort Myers Florida. Be vigilant and act quickly to in handling such issues.

Hiring professionals for mold removal in Fort Myers FL

If you have signs of mold, your best bet is hiring professional mold removal services in Fort Myers. Trying to get rid of an extensive mold problem or black mold on your own might end up doing more harm than good. You might expose yourself to the mold due to lack of right personal protective equipment. You will also spread the mold around the property contaminating other areas.

Our professional mold removal companies in Fort Myers can help you get rid of a mold problem quickly. They will identify the source of fueling the mold problem to ensure that mold growth will not recur. A professional will put your mind at ease and help you maintain value of your property by proper restoration. Professional mold removal Fort Myers FL is one phone call away.