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Water damage restoration Fort Myers – if you are experiencing water damage on your property, then you need a reliable company for effective water damage restoration services. We have vetted top water damage restoration companies so you can schedule a consultation and inspection quickly. Water damage is time-sensitive so you need to act fast to reduce damage and possibility of mold growth.

Mold remediation Fort Myers – mold growth puts your family at risk if left to fester. The mold spores travel through the air and when breathed in are known to cause respiratory tract problems, allergies and skin conditions. Further, mold continues to cause decay, rotting and deterioration of building materials affecting the integrity of the structure. You don’t want to leave a mold problem unchecked or assume it for long. The longer you wait, the more the damage, the higher the repair costs and the bigger the risk of health problems. Get an inspection today and let a professional start the removal process.

Fire damage restoration Fort Myers – fire damage can leave your house inhabitable and expose your family to health problems due to the soot and smoke left after the incident. If you want to regain entry into a home as good as it was or even better, then you need a professional team by your side. Contact our readily available fire damage restoration companies today and get the assistance you need.

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Mold Remediation Fort Myers FL

If water damage is not promptly treated, it leads to growth of mold on your property and items. Mold growth starts in 24 – 48 hours in areas where excess moisture is not removed. Everything from a small pipe leak or appliance leak to a full-blown flood can cause mold growth on your property. When this happens you risk exposure and potential health risks. You should therefore seek for professional mold remediation Fort Myers FL.

The subtropical climate experienced in Fort Myers, Florida with humidity and mugginess the year round provides the perfect environment for mold growth. Many homes and commercial properties in Fort Myers are therefore suffering a mold problem. You are not alone, but if you don’t take swift action, you might lose your property to this menace and expose your loved ones to health risks.

The high tendency for mold growth in Fort Myers necessitates professional mold remediation. Professionals will help you get rid of the mold successfully and restore your home to its original conditions, if not better. If you have noticed a mold problem on your property, or you experienced that signature musty smell of mold, it is time to schedule for a free consultation with experts.

Mold inspection

Many people consider its time for mold inspection when they see signs such as visible mold growth, discolored walls and ceilings, musty odor or dampness. Others who wait for too long will consider inspection when they begin to notice irregular allergy symptoms, skin rashes and difficulty breathing. But you do not have to wait until mold invasion in your home is extensive to get a mold inspection.

We recommend that you have an annual or bi-annual mold inspection scheduled to catch a mold problem early before extensive damage has been done. High humidity in the house also can create a mold problem which necessitates a mold inspection.

When the inspectors come, they use advanced inspection equipment other than just doing a visual test. They also employ specialized techniques to discover whether you have mold hidden out of sight in your home. The source of excess moisture is also identified to help stop the mold problem.

The appearance of mold

Mold is a fungus that thrives in places that are warm, moist and humid. Once the mold spores land on an organic surface with excess moisture, they immediately begin to grow feeding on the organic surface. Usually mold growth starts small, but then quickly they spread and form colonies that can affect multiple areas on your property.

The last thing you want plaguing your home is mold. A mold infestation can be disastrous to your property and the health of your family. Mold in Fort Myers can grow during any season whether summer or winter. You can easily notice signs of mold on walls, basements, attics, ceilings, closets, bathrooms, and underneath sinks.

Mold thrives in an environment that has the following conditions;

Presence of mold spores – first, there should be presence of mold spores in the area. Usually mold spores are everywhere around us but not visible to the eye. Mold spores are light and easily transported from one place to another through air which makes it easy for them to reach all areas on your property.

Moisture – mold thrives in areas around the property with high moisture content. Areas that are damp and warm are prone to mold growth. If the excess moisture is left to sit for long, chances of mold growth increase.

Oxygen – the other requirement for mold growth is oxygen. Since mold is an aerobic fungus it requires oxygen for survival.

Source of food – mold can feed on anything organic provided it is damp. Mold feeds on surfaces that it is growing on causing rotting, decay and deterioration.

Absence of direct sunlight or UV rays – usually mold thrives best in areas that are shielded from direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun are deadly to mold. They can cause alteration of the cellular structure of mold.

Out of all the above conditions, presence of moisture is the only thing that can easily spark growth of mold on your property. Many of the other conditions are already met. If you take care of water damage and keep excess moisture off your property, you can keep mold off for long.

However, since we use water every day for many reasons around the house, keeping the place completely free excess moisture is difficult. There are many causes of excess moisture on a property including; leaking pipes, leaking appliances, burst water heaters, leaking roofs, torrential downpours, overflowing bathtubs, overflowing sinks, poor ventilation and so much more.

Do you need mold remediation services?

Mold remediation services are essential when a mold inspection reveals high concentrations of mold spores in the air. Also, you should not have more than 10 square feet of visible mold growth on your property. If you notice a mold invasion bigger than this, it is time to call in professional mold remediation Fort Myers FL.

Besides, you should also consider mold remediation if you spot visible growth already happening around the property. Usually bigger colonies are hiding out of sight and causing a lot of damage to your property. A mold remediation is also necessary if you notice the lingering musty odor or if you have had water damage that was not professionally treated.

Expert Mold Remediation Fort Myers FL

When you notice signs of mold, you need to act fast and call in expert mold remediation services in Fort Myers FL. Professionals are well equipped and will take care of the mold problem completely for you by addressing the root cause. They will also ensure that all areas affected by mold have been repaired to bring your property back to its original conditions.

Mold remediation is an emergency service with health implications and should be treated as such. Do not take it lightly and suffer the dire consequences later on.

Get a professional team to help you regain your property today.